Print Your Pay Statements

The Pay Statements Summary page displays your pay statements, as well as any pay adjustments available for viewing.

Note: Depending on your statement system of record, the Pay Adjustments option may not be available.

To print your pay statements and/or adjustments, do the following:

  1. From the Pay Statements Summary page, if the Pay Statements and Pay Adjustments options are available, select the option for which you want to view statements. The respective pay statements or adjustments dated from the current date to 90 days back are displayed. If the options are not available, the Pay Statements display. To navigate to earlier statements, click Previous.

Note: If the From and To fields are available on the Pay Statements Summary page, you can enter a date range to filter the displayed statements.

  1. Click the underlined Pay Date that you wish to view. The Pay Statements Detail or Pay Adjustments Detail page displays, showing the selected statement in either Adobe PDF or Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, depending on how your company has been set up.

Note: If there are multiple adjustments with the same pay date, all adjustments will be listed in the pay adjustments detail for that pay date.

  1. To print the selected statement, do one of the following:

  2. If your statement is in PDF format, click the Print button in the Adobe® Acrobat Reader® toolbar.

  3. If your statement is in PNG format, click the Print icon located at the top right, immediately above your statement.

Important Note: Make sure that when you print a statement, you use either the Adobe Reader print button or the print icon provided for the PNG format, not your browser's print button, otherwise your statement may not print properly.

  1. To select another statement, click Back. You are returned to the Pay Statements Summary page.